There are many activities you can do based at the Casa de Santo António:

History: A long time ago, "across the center of the current county Mortágua was occupied by a vast lake , over 5 square km's surface , inhabited since the beginning of the world of freshwater fish . One day came the Moors (or the Romans ? ) Who decided to drain the waters of the lake , so opening a gap in the rocks of Alçaperna. Succeeded so dry the area , which was inhabited and cultivated , going to be called Mortágua , ie the site of Dead Water".

In ADICES , oral literature of our region - Legends , VOL.I 1995.

The Municipality of Mortágua is the southernmost district of Viseu and abuts the municipalities of Penacova in the district of Coimbra . Anadia and Aveiro , in the district of Aveiro and Viseu and Santa Comba Dao , in the district of Viseu.

It is therefore a prime area , and a starting point to visit all the central region of the country, with the beautiful cities of Aveiro , Coimbra and Viseu ( all about 30/40 minutes).

Also in terms of natural resources there are excellent conditions for Sport and Nature activities , with activities in Aguieira Dam ( less than 1 km) as Canoeing , Sport Fishing and Water Sports Motor , In the surrounding forest trails can do hiking or circuits MTB . Still in the county , we have the Water Falls of Paredes, fantastic for a beautiful pedestrian promenade or activity Canyoning.

There are several other options of day trips, such as the National Forest Buçaco, with several walking tours , activities and military museum . In Caramulo can enjoy magnificent views , nature walks and car museum.

There are also numerous other possibilities such as the Descent of the River Mondego in Canoeing , Activities Abseiling and Climbing, a Ride to the Serra da Estrela or visit the mountainous localities ( Gois , Arganil , Coja , Grandfather , Bridge of 3 entries ... )

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